Interior Trend | Back to Nature

A key trend that I have seen on the rise this season is the mixing of textures, with an emphasis on a natural, imperfect look.  By introducing natural materials and imperfect textures in to your home, will create a timeless appeal and are great for creating a relaxed, lived-in feel.  Think muted colours and materials such as rattan and wicker along with textiles that take a playful role with lots of embellishments, raw edges, tassels, woven details or macrame – all irresistible to the touch.


Image Courtesy of Villa Arjuna Instagram

Nature has always been the perfect inspiration for art, fashion and interior design and its great to see it playing such a pivotal role in this seasons interior style. So much can be achieved by playing with textures and materials and embracing a more natural, simple interior style can instantly help create a more soothing atmosphere. Whether it be woven wicker furniture, macramé cushions or mixing marble with metal, don’t underestimate the power of embracing and combining different textures.

I myself, have been drawn to these more tactile pieces and have been relishing all the new finds popping up in my favourite stores.   Ive put together some of my favourite finds and inspiration. What do you think about this style? Are you ready to embrace a more simple and natural approach to styling your home?

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Woven Rattan Shade  |  Wooden Dishes & Utensils  |  Fringed Cushion|  Mixed Textures & Materials  |  
Woven Rattan Cabinet  |  Natural Seagrass Rug  




New Homeware Finds #1

Home Finds no1

A first in the series, ‘New Homeware Finds’ aims to provide you with some interior inspiration for what’s available on the highstreet and online, right now. My finds will include furniture pieces, soft furnishings as well as unique prints and art; but will all have a prevailing theme of simple, minimal and honest design.

This month, there was an abundance of end of season sales happening and there were so many beautiful items that I could have chosen from.  I’ve pulled together 10 gorgeous, new homeware pieces for this month and hope they inspire you for the month ahead.

  1. First up is this wooden Hans Wegner Replica Wishbone Chair. I’ve been eyeing up the original Hans Wagner chairs for a good few years now, but my bank balance just couldn’t cope with me spending a small fortune on a chair.. so, I introduce you to my alternative and bank friendly option. Although I’m not a big fan on trying to replicate iconic design pieces, this one does a great job at providing a low cost alternative, that everyone can enjoy . It comes in a choice of natural ash or honey beech, with natural woven seat and with its simplicity and clean lines it makes a perfect timeless piece for any room.
  2. Next up is this beautiful monochrome ‘Mountain ABC’ print by the Berlin based Coco Lapine Design, featuring a mountain for every letter of the alphabet, shaped out of different paint strokes on paper. Love its simplicity.
  3. I am a sucker for natural wooden furniture and simple design, and this round wooden mirror is just that. Found whilst browsing Zara Home one day, and now I can’t get enough of it.
  4. Next up is some stunning dark brushed metal spoons from H&M home! How amazing are they? They come in sets of 4 and you can also get knifes, forks and teaspoons to create a full cutlery set. They are part of H&M’s new ‘Warm Minimalism’ collection for 2018, which includes numerous gorgeous items that may have made there way in to my shopping basket.
  5. Staying in a rented house has thrown up numerous challenges when it comes to putting our own stamp on the place. We have had to think of ways that allowed us to personalise a room, without being able to repaint or change the floor finishes. This has meant putting prints on the walls, and rugs on the floors in an attempt to disguise what’s there. The rug we have down in the living room has seen better days and so I am on the hunt for a new one. Whilst looking I came across the brand Line Designs who have the most amazing handmade rug collection offering a wide range of elegant, sophisticated and exquisite Danish designs.  So many of them stood out to me, with many of them being simple and minimal in design and material,  but the Ajo rug in grey was definitely one of my favourites.
  6. I’ve recently been redoing the spare room in our house to turn it into a home office, and although it’s not quite finished yet, I really needed some better lighting for when I do work in it at the moment. I knew instantly what lamp I wanted to get and its this Anglepoise Type 75 Mini Table Lamp. A design classic, the Type 75 Mini is great for smaller spaces and is a petite, more playful version of the Type 75, offering all the functionality of the larger lamp, presented in a more compact and form, which also comes in a host of colours, but naturally, I chose white.
  7. Another piece that I discovered within H&M’s ‘Warm Minimalism’ collection, this cushion. It comes in a beautiful off white colour with tasseled corners and is the perfect accompaniment to our bedroom. And at H&M prices, how could I resist yet another cushion to add to our growing collection.
  8. One of my favourite places to shop for unique interior pieces is Etsy. Excellent for finding those independent makers, and one of pieces that really help make a space your own. I could list so many of my favourite etsy shops (maybe another blog post idea) but one of my most recent finds are these stunning Geometric Bamboo Laser Cut Coasters. 
  9. Another one of my more recent Etsy finds; showing just how great it is for sourcing unique handmade pieces from all over the world, are these beautiful ceramic espresso cups. Coming all the way from Israel, they are just every bit of perfection with exceptional craftsmanship and great design.
  10. Last but not least, is this Heals Bauhaus inspired Ercol Svelto coffee table. Featuring a distinctive layering of circular forms, the unique shape of the Svelto is reminiscent of Bauhaus modernism while its simple finish and well made design harks backs to classic Ercol Mid-century pieces. Made by hand, this sleek coffee table is a functional design feature for calm, contemporary interiors whether stripped back or softly furnished in neutral tones.







The top 10 interior design & lifestyle books for 2018

IMG_1263I love getting new books, whether it be a novel, coffee table or reference book. I can sit and look through them for hour, taking in all the photos, getting inspiration or finding out about other peoples experiences in a bid to inspire my work and lifestyle. These days, it’s so easy to go online and instantly find thousands of beautiful and inspiring houses and ideas, but there is something quite therapeutic about flicking through a book and holding a physical thing in your hands, feeling the paper and seeing the print work, which is why I have an abundance of them dotted throughout my house.

I have gathered together my top 10 for 2018- the ones you should be picking up and are a must for those of us who enjoy simple, mindful and well considered design and living.Top 10 Interior Design Book of 2018

 1. Simple Matters: Living with less & ending up with more By Erin Boyle £10.99

2. Plant Style: How to greenify your space By Alana Langan & Jacqui Vidal of Ivy Muse £14.95

3. Monochrome Home: Elegant interiors in black and white By Hilary Robertson £17.99

4. Plain Simple Useful: The essence of Conran style By Sir Terence Conran £20.00

5. Sunday Suppers: Recipes + Gatherings By K. Mordechai £17.50

6. Scandinavian Style At Home: A room-by-room guide By Allan Torp £11.19

7.Chasing Slow: Courage to journey off the beaten path By Erin Loechner £16.99

8. The New Old House: Historic & Modern Architecture Combined By Marc Kristal £40.00

9. Mid Century Modern at Home: A room-by-room guide By DC Hillier £10.17

10. The Monocle Guide to Cosy Homes By Monocle £27.48