January Pinterest Favourites

Pinterest Favourites

This month I’ve caught myself pinning a lot of plant orientated photos and have been reading up on the benefits these can bring to your home, not just as aesthetically pleasing decorative elements but also their ability to reduce stress in our homes. Indoor plants can make a great decorating tool and you are able to create a great look in a very affordable way with a grouping of small plants or a single larger plant. They can help to soften a space, add variety in colour and texture and bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. These examples above are the ones that I’m particularly drawn to. How do you like to display plants in your home?

  1. Plant ladder with various different textures and colours going on. 
  2. Simple minimal arrangement on sideboard.
  3. Herbs in the kitchen.
  4. Plants + vintage side table
  5. Coloured step ladder with ferns and pot plants

My love is like a red red rose

Tonight I will be celebrating Burns Night! For those of you not so familiar with the Scottish tradition, this is a celebration of the life of Scottish poet and lyricist, Robert Burns. It is celebrated each year on the 25th January, the anniversary of his birth. His life and works are commemorated through recitals of his poems, songs, plays and of course, the traditional Burns’ Supper. Join in with the fun at various events around the city or host your own Burns’ Night at home. I thought this would be a good excuse to find the loveliest Scottish inspired accessories and interior ideas for your homes!


  1. British Made Heritage Lambswool Blanket in Black Watch Tartan
  2. Bog Myrtle & Fresh Mint Isle of Skye Candle
  3. Ruaridh Waugh Large Milk Jug
  4. Seascape Vessel by EC Ceramic Design
  5. Lolo Design Stag Fine Art Print 



Keep dreaming huge

DSC_0057Many people start the New Year by setting goals for themselves, in a bid to help them curb an unhealthy habit or achieve something great. I don’t really set myself new year resolutions.. I never really have. I feel it sometimes works out better if I don’t put pressure on myself and instead, just see what the year throws at me!

This year however, I’ve felt a little differently about things. I’ll be turning 25 in April, and although its a few months off yet, I feel so weird about turning a year older and edging towards that ever looming 30 mark.  I’d set a lot of goals to reach by the time I was 25, some of which I’ve surpassed, and some of which I’ve fell way short of- and the other week was really tough for me in terms of my career goals and where I wanted to be. I ended up beating myself up about it for no reason other than complete frustration after hearing something I didn’t want to believe was true . That is why this year, I do actually have a New Years resolution that I’m determined to keep!

One of the things I want to work on this year is to keep dreaming huge, but not feeling like a failure if things take a little longer than I (probably unrealistically) set myself. Because, I know I will get there in the end.

How are you all coping with your New Year resolutions?