Keep dreaming huge

DSC_0057Many people start the New Year by setting goals for themselves, in a bid to help them curb an unhealthy habit or achieve something great. I don’t really set myself new year resolutions.. I never really have. I feel it sometimes works out better if I don’t put pressure on myself and instead, just see what the year throws at me!

This year however, I’ve felt a little differently about things. I’ll be turning 25 in April, and although its a few months off yet, I feel so weird about turning a year older and edging towards that ever looming 30 mark.  I’d set a lot of goals to reach by the time I was 25, some of which I’ve surpassed, and some of which I’ve fell way short of- and the other week was really tough for me in terms of my career goals and where I wanted to be. I ended up beating myself up about it for no reason other than complete frustration after hearing something I didn’t want to believe was true . That is why this year, I do actually have a New Years resolution that I’m determined to keep!

One of the things I want to work on this year is to keep dreaming huge, but not feeling like a failure if things take a little longer than I (probably unrealistically) set myself. Because, I know I will get there in the end.

How are you all coping with your New Year resolutions?


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