January Pinterest Favourites

Pinterest Favourites

This month I’ve caught myself pinning a lot of plant orientated photos and have been reading up on the benefits these can bring to your home, not just as aesthetically pleasing decorative elements but also their ability to reduce stress in our homes. Indoor plants can make a great decorating tool and you are able to create a great look in a very affordable way with a grouping of small plants or a single larger plant. They can help to soften a space, add variety in colour and texture and bring a little bit of the outdoors inside. These examples above are the ones that I’m particularly drawn to. How do you like to display plants in your home?

  1. Plant ladder with various different textures and colours going on. 
  2. Simple minimal arrangement on sideboard.
  3. Herbs in the kitchen.
  4. Plants + vintage side table
  5. Coloured step ladder with ferns and pot plants

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