Weekly Pinterest Inspiration

I’m back with another ‘Weekly Pinterest Inspiration’ post. I often find myself sitting for hours clicking through the endless pages of photos found within the realms of Pinterest. Being an interior designer, this provides with so much inspiration, which often ends with me procrastinating about how much I would love to be able to afford our own place and be able to decorate at my own free will. Unfortunately, we’re still renting, and as much as our landlord is pretty flexible with what we can do, I don’t really want to spend much money on things if we can’t take it away with us when we move. So for now, I will keep on pinning, dreaming and, maybe one day, i’ll be able to put all my ideas together and create a beautiful home. But for now, here’s what I’ve been pinning lately. How do all you fellow renters deal with decorating and putting your own personality into your temporary home?

Pinterest Favourites July

  1. Simple black metal console table with minimal styling. I love the print above it too. Anyone have any idea where it’s from?
  2. Im all about bringing the outdoors in and this dining room has done exactly that, by introducing floor to ceiling doors. 
  3. These tiles..
  4. Can someone come and turn my bathroom into this serene dream! Love the pairing of light wood and glass.





Sunday Roundup


I can’t believe it’s July already, really don’t know where this year is going! It’s been a little quiet over here on the blog but there’s a lot been happening in my world and I’ve not had much free time to share in this space. I did manage to put together a list of my newest finds, for you to check out. Here is this week’s Sunday Roundup!

  1. Audio books are something relatively new to me, but when I heard of BookBeat, through Lobster & Swan’s blog, I was converted! You can currently get a 1 month free trial through the link on her blog.
  2. A tasty and healthy midweek meal recipe by Joe Wicks.
  3. Inspirational charity with a serious appreciation for wild flowers. Love their ideas and helpful tips on how to create your own mini wild meadows. I’ve already got some grand plans for my own garden to make way for wild flowers and home grown veggies.
  4. I’ll take one of each, please.
  5.  I came across this article whilst hunting for some honeymoon destination ideas. Some stunning locations and helpful links showing what you can do once there.
  6. Currently on my wish list: Ikea Stockholm Rattan Cabinet. 
  7. I’ve been engrossed in Helen Sedgwick’s new book The Comet Seekers since it arrived. Have you read it yet?
  8. Can’t get enough of these beautiful Menorcan sandals by the brand Solillas.
  9. My current candle obsession. 
  10. Let me introduce you to the word and lifestyle trend ‘Lagom’, roughly translating to “not too little, not too much, just right”. The new trend thats taking over Hygge, and I love it!

Image above is the Kew Forest Print by Alicia Galer.

The biggest news.

Today I am so excited but also slightly nervous to share some big news I’ve been keeping from my little corner of the internet for the past few months. I got engaged!

I’ve been contemplating for months on whether or not I should share the news; I’ve been weirdly private about the whole thing and initially only wanted to tell family and close friends.  However, after months of hiding my beautiful engagement ring and the wonderful news I just couldn’t keep it quiet any longer. Engagement is such a magical and special time and for a while I wanted to cherish the moment with family and friends but i now feel like its a good time to let you all in on my news.

So for a quick run down on how things came to this special day.

We met 3 years ago on an online dating site (don’t judge!) after both of us giving up on the hope of finding anyone who shared the same views on life and wanted the same things as us. We’d both been in long term relationships that had went horrendously wrong and for me personally, i’d decided that there were no decent men left out their and had no idea how to get back out there and meet someone. I decided one night on a whim to register on a dating site and it’s here that we welcome Martin, the love of my life.

The more we talked and the more I found out about him the more I fell in love. He taught me to let go of my fears. I reached a moment where I knew I’d found someone special and that when I was with him I felt like I could achieve anything. I knew he’d be there, by my side, no matter what.  I knew I couldn’t let him go. This meant going against a lot of peoples opinions and listening to my heart. I’m so glad I did. I’ve never met anyone as kind, loving, genuine, supportive, handsome and funny as him. No one makes me happier and no one can put up with my mad moments like he can.

On a freezing cold December morning he popped the question whilst we were out on a walk at a local Beach in East Lothian. There were no grand gestures or hidden photographers or public display, it was just us. Just as i’d always hoped for, completely intimate and personal.  I love that we have a special place where it happened, a place we can visit again to relive that wonderful day.


Being able to share in one of life’s biggest and most exciting moments for the first time, together, has been such an amazing feeling.  The ring itself is a stunning antique inspired rose gold solitaire ring with intricate shoulder detailing featuring 3 small diamonds on each side. Martin got it specially commissioned by the talented Moira Warren, owner of Patience Jewellery, an Edinburgh based award winning independant jewellers.

I still can’t believe how lucky I am to have something as beautiful as this and it takes my breath away every time I look down. So excited for the next step of our relationship and I’m so incredibly grateful to be sharing it with Martin.





New Season Finds

Autumn has definitely arrived. Its that time of year when I get to hunt out all my winter woolies from their short hibernation and begin packing away all my lighter layers. It’s my favourite time of year, I love the crisp feeling in the air and the subtle bite of cold you feel in the early hours of the mornings and who wouldn’t love getting wrapped up in cosy layers of knits, bobble hats and oversized scarves.

Autumn is the season that I feel happiest with my wardrobe;  I feel like I get so much use out of the items I buy where as with British summer times, well they’re a whole different matter. I’m hoping to add a few more pieces to my wardrobe this year and thought I’d put together a selection of my favourites that I’ve seen so far.


  1. Jigsaw Hana Donegal Pom Hat 
  2. Reiss Marley Light Grey Open-Front Cardigan
  3. Hush Easy Dress 
  4. Phase Eight Brooklyn Waterfall Coat
  5. Russell & Bromley Chelsea Boot
  6. Asos Vila Tassel Scarf

Autumn Escape

As summer comes to an end in Scotland (not entirely sure if it ever really started) and summer holidays to warmer climates seem like a life time ago, I have started to look at ideas for one last holiday before the end of the year.

Last year, in October we headed off to Iceland for a magical escape that I will definitely not forget in a hurry. However, it got me thinking, do we really need to head so far away to achieve the same relaxation and sense of adventure? Could there be something just as great still in Scotland?

Everyone, let me introduce you to a wee place at the very top of mainland Scotland known as John O’ Groats!! The answer to my questions.

A tiny hamlet set amongst a stunning and rugged landscape that allows for a complete escape from hectic every day living. It is here that you will find the new multi million pound Natural Retreats Resort known as ‘The Inn’.


Image sourced: weareglm

Over the last two years the hotel has been carefully restored, and a new Scandi style extension was added which provides a dramatic splash of colour against the rugged and wild coastal landscape. Tucked away in an area of outstanding beauty and wild Scottish landscapes, I was amazed at the choice of accommodation available and the stunning interior design. Can we please discuss how gorgeous all of it is!!

Image Source: NoChintzweareglm

All of the apartments and lodges at Natural Retreats in John O’Groats are contemporary and sympathetically designed, using local materials from Scottish larch to Caithness stone, the design includes interior elements with a Scandinavian vibe. Along with antler chandeliers, wooden flooring and panoramic views, you’ll find light fixtures created out of lobster pots and rope sourced from local fishing businesses.

I am so so so hoping I can get some time of work in October to book a relaxing weekend away to this beautiful area of Scotland. As the autumn weather closes in I couldn’t imagine a better place to snuggle up with my partner and appreciate the beautiful country I call home.








Today’s Detail


Image source Pinterest

I need this wallpaper. Need I say anymore? There are quite a lot of prints similar to this going about at the moment, but what attracted me to this one was how intricate the leaf detail is and how the effect is almost like it’s been hand painted. Love, a lot!  Produced by a brand called Made by Lemon who are based in  Johannesburg. They design and supply various unique, aesthetically pleasing and functional wall decor such as living walls, wallpaper and prints. Would love to use this particular wallpaper as a feature in my bathroom!

Lazy Weekend

I’m feeling a bit under the weather this weekend and have been stuck in bed since I got home from work yesterday. Although I’m feeling pretty awful, it has got me thinking how I never really give myself much time these days to have a completely lazy day, if you’re like me, you always tend to be doing something or working on some sort of project, it’s hard to find the time to just sit and relax. Whatever happened to the beauty of lazy Sunday?

So I decided to put together a few ideas of what my perfect lazy Sunday would consist of. What would you do for a lazy day?

Image source: Pinterest


Spring clean


Image source: Milk Decoration via  Pinterest

Spring is definitely nearly here and it’s one of my favourite times of year! When the days get slightly brighter and a new life starts to appear across the countryside. Spring fills me with a refreshing feeling and excitement for new starts. Plus time for an interior refresh!

Spring cleaning can seem like quite a daunting prospect leaving you unsure of where to start. I’m definitely not one of those people who can say they live in a perfectly clean home all the time, even though I do like to try! However, after jumping on the band wagon and getting stuck into the book ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying‘ by Marie Kondo I now feel inspired to organise and refresh my home! Here are some steps that I feel are a good starting point.

Open all the windows!

Although it may still feel a bit fresh outside, I promise you that by letting fresh air into your home it will not only help clear your mind but will also encourage you to declutter and sort out any mess as well.  Making sure lots of natural light comes into the home will make you see anything you’ve been ignoring a tad too much over those dark and dingy winter months.

Add a touch of green

Plants and flowers are both amazing ways to introduce some life in to your home as well as offering the perfect excuse to buy yourself that nice bouquet of flowers you’ve been hinting about for weeks to your boyfriend or husband! At the moment I’m particularly liking succulents, areca palms, cacti and aloe vera plants but any type of greenery will instantly bring some life into your interiors.


Pretty self explanatory to be honest, but one thing I can recommend is working top to bottom, that way you’re guaranteed not to miss anything. Why not put some music on whilst doing this to help pass the time more quickly.. who knows how much fun you could have whilst ‘dust dancing’ to The Spice Girls!

Buy yourself a new duvet set

I always feel there’s no better way to welcome a new season than by purchasing some lovely new bedding. Try opting for slightly lighter equivalents so as things don’t start getting too toasty at night time. All old stuff should be folded away in storage bags for safe keeping until the nights start getting frosty again.

Have a clear out

Don’t keep items that you no longer need or want. You should only have things that you have a connection with, you love or you use. Why not put any unwanted items up on ebay or take to some charity shops. You’d be surprised how much you can get rid of and you will feel so much better about it once you see all the extra space you have.

Have fun embracing those marigolds and feather dusters!